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Lawsuit Attorney in New York City

At The Law Office of Stephan R. Chesley, LLC., we are passionate about taking on negligent parties and their insurance companies and getting people in the New York City full and fair compensation for their injuries. In fact, helping clients throughout the New York City area is all we do. Our team has over 30 experience dealing with these cases, so we have gotten to know how insurance companies like to work. Trust our team to get you through your Lawsuit case in the best way you want. 

If you suffered an accident due to another in the New York City area, you are likely entitled to compensation. Insurance companies bring their A game to Lawsuit trials so that they can try to pay the minimum amount possible. If you are trying to make a Lawsuit claim in New York City because you suffered an injury due to negligence, The Law Office of Stephan R. Chesley, LLC. is here to help you. We have taken on cases ranging from work accidents and car accidents, to medical malpractice and other negligent behaviors in New York City. Trust us for all your Lawsuit trial needs. 

At The Law Office of Stephan R. Chesley, LLC., we have been negotiating with insurance companies throughout New York City in order to get the appropriate dues that our clients deserve. We negotiate with them so that when you are going through your Lawsuit case, you can get the right compensation in order to cover the necessary medical expenses.

At The Law Office of Stephan R. Chesley, LLC. we put our over 30 of experience in handling Lawsuit cases to work for you. We hope that you will consider our Lawsuit firm as you look for help in resolving your legal matters. Feel free to take an in-depth look at our website to see what kind of results we at The Law Office of Stephan R. Chesley, LLC. are accustomed to getting for our clients. Give us a call today at (718) 213-4807 in order to get professional legal help for your Lawsuit case. 

The Law Office of Stephan R. Chesley, LLC.
16 Court Street, #2506
Brooklyn, NY 11241
(718) 213-4807

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